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Are you ready to build a new world? We start right here in cyberspace where we are building a new demographic influence that tips the scales of fortune. Read the Spirconomics book to understand what this is really all about, it lets you hit the ground running.

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How It Works

Social Change: 7 Pillars

If you ever wondered, “Gosh, I wish I could help change the world and make a difference,” well, Spirconomics tells you how. You’ll explore the hidden realities that drive the future alongside how to manage the practical needs of everyday life so you can make a real difference. Learn how to hasten a planet’s turnaround into a peaceful civilization by prodding changes within 7 specific social sectors.


Our cyber parlor is where you get information beyond what is packed into the book, whether it’s insights into what is happening all over the planet, flying down the mystic’s highway for your personal growth or tactical guidance for professional moves.  

We meet monthly online to dialogue, and after the program you can keep the momentum going within our community by posting on our group wall to keep the discussion flowing.


This isn’t for just anyone. It’s for a specific niche group that is small but mighty–and growing fast. This small group has the power to tip the scales of fortune for the future of Earth. Look here to find out about the details behind joining.

Who’s Behind This? 

Meet the innovative thinker and award-winning author behind all this. An unusual kicker in her background brings you a unique perspective: the element of life beyond earth. 


The book

An eye-opening philosophy for the newly emerging world, it reveals how a hidden demographic spread out around the world can alter our future. Arranged into two sections, Our Currency and Our Change, you’ll start with information about ancient mariners who incarnate to create change on the planet and then get wind of a system to better understand why people see the world with so many different viewpoints and priorities. Everything erupting all over the world suddenly makes sense after you read all this.

In Part Two, you’ll discover how you can switch things up in today’s societies to accelerate a transformation that leads to an eventual path to peace and the launch of an advanced human civilization, but we must act now to help this unfold. When you find out just where the author got her information, you’ll see how the potential for mankind to advance takes on a new dimension.



Reader Comments

“It’s been an amazing journey for me to read that book.” -N. Turner

“I actually just finished reading it today!!! I couldn’t wait to contact you.” –S. Baughman

The book arrived at 1650 and I skidded reluctantly to a halt on the last page at a quarter past seven…”–W. Mitchell

“There’s so much that I resonate with, question, and will continue to process. I’m definitely going to read it again…….”  – J. Jaggi

Could this be for you?

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