Jan 302018

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  1. hear you about Dolores Cannon, Winston, that’s exactly what happened to me  –  I sent a message requesting a session, and then literally in a matter of days Dolores passed away.
    I think astrology is more fascinating that we even imagine here in the west. I had a class with Mitch Nur from Nine Ways Academia – he is a wealth of information, and he is also a Lama, although a westerner. He spends quite some time in Tibet, and had many dealings with monks. He told us a story where in short a young guy had a motorcycle accident, and damaged his spine. The prognosis was that he never was going to walk. A monk came with an astrology chart for that person of some kind. By the astrology he could tell even the exact time of his accident. More so,  the monk said if this  guys would eat these foods at this exactly time, and do other things at that exactly time (I don’t remember what), then he would walk out from the hospital at so and so time. That’s exactly what happened, the guy recovered completely and left the hospital at the indicated time. As far as I remember Mitch said that we don’t have complete knowledge of astrology here, that a lot of it is really secret, where only chosen ones are privy when choose this path of such training in Tibet. No offence for Maxine – I think she knows a lot, and given the chance that’s next on my to do thing – to have an astrology chart reading.

  2. Hi, Tanya… thanks for the comment… I had not known about the Essene astrology connection, but have heard about Dolores Cannon… in fact, I was looking into figuring out how to book a session with her, when it became too late… I think there’s much that can be learned from an “Astrological” viewpoint, which is in essence a “spiritual” viewpoint, if it’s properly used as a tool and not a “control mechanism” or something… I have spent most of my efforts recently gazing into the Astrological skies themselves, and not so much on how people use it, but will look into the Essene and other traditions to see how they integrated the knowledge. Fascinating stuff that I think could help everyone…

  3. Winston, astrology proposal is actually not that crazy. If you know Dolores Cannon (she regressed people to learn about their past lives), in one of her books about Essene society it was said that they relied heavily on astrology in that way, they prepared a chart for a child. I think maybe they went a bit far with it, but who knows maybe they were right. Dolores’s work is controversial, of course, but I think it could very well be correct. I am sure similar things were done throughout the history in other societies – perhaps you can even mention some of those.