Apr 292018

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  1. Yes! (Sorry to leave you hanging there!)

    Well to start off with, I think that an ideal society should try its absolute best to benefit the people. To me, that means the people’s needs should be met. Needs such as fair access to clean water, food, shelter, education, and opportunities.

    In order to meet these standards of living, (and because I’m subscribed to the Anastasia RCOR book ideas) I think that families all over the world should be given a hectare (2.5 acres) so that they can start their own farmland and have their very own home that will last forever. That alone knocks food, shelter, and water off the list of things to take care of!

    Next, I think education should be absolutely free for everyone. Education should not be a business! I don’t think classes should be separated by age groups either. Anyone of any age has something to learn from those older AND younger than them. If people would freely mingle with different age brackets, they would probably become more flexible in their thoughts and ideas. Also, people would start to see age as just a number. Which is important. For reasons.

    Lastly, in order for equal opportunities to be given to everyone across the board… well, I don’t know. I think that if the standards of living are taken care of, people they will naturally pursue their dreams and pave out a better way of living for all of us.

    As for government… I don’t really believe in government at all really. If there was a word for what I am regarding government it would be “Anarchist”. Because I don’t like the idea of someone controlling a whole society. I think everyone is a leader in their own right. As you said, Marcia, rules should be simple and easy to understand, like the Ten Commandments. This is going to sound really self-contradictory~ but One-world government is an okay concept to me?? as long as it operates like an open, transparent organization to promote peace and harmony on our planet.

    Thoughts ??

    Hi Nyah! We are so happy to have you my generation Z friend. You are one bag of wisdom with the gift of youth. Why not start us off. What are your thoughts and ideas about future ecomunities and civilization overall? As a genZ what opportunities do you see unique to your generation, as well as challenges?

  3. Hi Nyah….thank you for your thoughts and my favorite picture of Nicola Tesla. Sometimes I think that Tesla inspired The Thinker (French: Le Penseur), a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin You have brought up many good points to ponder….of which I have started to re-consider. Most importantly, we are light workers. I like to think of myself as bringing light where ever I go to assist the changes occurring today in a positive manner. What I say, what I do, who I interact with effects changes that are occurring. We are anchors of light and you are one of the brightest! Welcome Generation Z…