May 062018

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  1. In all seriousness, though…

    I really wish the earth could change without natural disasters. But I understand that it’s inevitable. We just don’t know the extent of the damage that is to come. Let’s just hope that our positive energies and thoughts can provide the best possible outcome

    Hawaii is in my prayers :)

  2. NooOoo!! Not Hawaii! I still haven’t gone surfing yet! I still haven’t taken a vacation from a totally life-sucking and depressing job yet! What will I do?!

    Must… meditate…. harDER!

  3. Astrologically, Uranus (disruption, among other things) moves into Taurus (stunt-double for Earth) on May 15th… so possibly there will be interesting “Earth disruptions” over the next 7 or so years that Uranus tears through Taurus… The “astrocartography” lines for this Taurus ingress actually show Hawaii to be one of the safer places to be during this time… California and Pacific Northwest, not so much… so this is likely a preview of what’s ahead…

    Totally agree with the meditation suggestion! The Neuronet is a powerful thing…