May 302018

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  1. Hey Marcia! Thank you for the video and article. I hadn’t taken the time to look more into Alexandra. It’s good to see the person behind the Pirate Bay of the Science World. The more I learn about her the more inspirational she is.

    Excerpt from the article I found funny: ““Fortunately, she’s both beyond their reach and also seems to be energized by their attacks on her,” Eisen told The Daily Beast (he did not reveal if he keeps in touch with Elbakyan, but does publicly follow her efforts closely).”

    My favorite part about the video was seeing all the comments praising Alexandra and being very grateful towards her. She’s being called a “hero” and a “queen”. The comments section is very positive and it truly uplifted my spirits. Let the publishing companies keep attacking her with lawsuits, let them. They’re fighting a losing battle and they know it. The people are on her side.

    And wow the idea she was researching before sounded really neat! I’ve heard of eye scans and fingerprint scans before- sure, we all have. But scanning the electromagnetic fields generated by the brain that are unique to each individual person? Gaining access to something with nothing but a thought? That’s just so cool. Wow! I’m just super mind-blown about that one. I wonder what progress she’s made on that project.
    (And forgive me if I’m forgetting something you mentioned in your Spirconomics book. I went to read it again recently but- I can’t find that darn book anywhere! It’s like it disappeared into thin air. *Sigh* It will pop up again eventually, right?)

    Transhumanism? I had no idea what it meant before you pointed it out. But a simple google search later and wala~ “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”
    hmmm, yes. I do really love the term “transhumanism”. Yep, you and me both. I actually had a topic I wanted to post up on the wall later that the word “transhumanism” sums up perfectly. Words are really amazing, aren’t they? Every time I learn a new word it opens up a whole other world.

    Alexandra has become a great role model to me. I like to think that there are a lot of “transhumanist hackers” out there in the shadows doing great work just like her. One day they won’t have to be in hiding anymore. I hope we can get information and education world-wide accessible sooner rather than later. But those are just my hopes- actions are needed. I believe we can do it. :)

  2. Nyah, thank you for bringing this to our attention and putting it up for discussion. I read up on the company and founder to get a bit more of an overview. Succinctly, she’s pegged by some as a transhumanist hacker (oh come on, ya gotta love that one, I certainly do). This gal has had an intriguing journey in her short years on the planet. I read she has gone into hiding for fear of extradition.

    People can see her in this video, which while translated, gives you a feel for who she is:

    And this article from the Daily Beast, “IS THIS SCIENCE HACKER A HEROINE OR A VILLAIN?” also adds a dimension to her, as well as the Wiki entries about her and science hub.

    Conceptually the idea of free information is laudable, but I do understand the proprietary arguments because they are germane to the old paradigm that is slowly slipping away. The Spirconomics filter reminds us that we are in the midst of changing eras, which brings clashing of the ways, especially within the areas of the 7 pillars that can deftly steer large scale reform.

    At some point information and education will be available to all citizens worldwide, but this is off in the future–and I mean quite a way off. However, at any point this can change. All it takes is a small group, or even just one innovator, to decide to create a radical model that changes the paradigm. Just like Alexandra did.