Feb 212019

SATURDAY FEB 23, 2019 


Use this link to get in

 Join with your computer or smartpad/smartphone device. Use this link when it’s time to begin: 

event over, link removed


Directions for meeting

1. If this is your first dialogue meeting you’ll be asked to download ZOOM (“launch application”). Say YES. If you have already used Zoom and its installed on your computer, you’ll skip this step.

2.  A box appears at upper right of screen containing 2 orange buttons and 2 blue buttons.

3. Click on the orange button at upper right that says Start with video.

4. When you see yourself on your screen, click the horizontal button that goes across the screen asking you to turn on the audio. It may take a moment to appear. From then on, that button will say that you are using the computer audio.

5. Be sure to put your audio on mute, otherwise everyone hears every sound you make, even chewing and typing. 

6. Look for an icon at the bottom of your screen that says “chat.” It resembles a thought balloon. When you open it you can send and read group text messages. We use this tool to share information such as web links and references. 

Note: If you can’t make the start time but want to participate after we begin, go right ahead and join us when you can make it. Just be sure to mute yourself and enter quietly.

Need help?

Just look for the “how to get into a dialogue” page under the help/tech support area.

If there is ever a technical interruption

If there is ever a problem during a meeting and we are interrupted, always go to Marcia’s Messages where I will post information–even a new link to re-establish our connection if necessary. In the extremely rare case of being knocked off line due to an electrical outage I’ll do my best to contact someone via text to let them know what’s happening and have them post an update to the forum.