About Marcia


Come on in. I’ll meet you inside.

Aliens, Ghosts, Business & Our Future? 

“For the mainstream I am a tad bit of a surprise, kind of like running into an extreme reality snowboarder when you are expecting grandma’s tea leaves at best. Here’s the kick: I don’t bring you a politically correct version of anything, but rather a penetrating expose of man’s position in the universe–and what it all means to our future as we enter the next stage of human evolution.”

The combination of business experience, higher education and psychic acumen are a rare finding, but then add communicating with animals and a lifetime of extraterrestrial contact, well, that tends to knock the socks off of most people. An MBA and a host of other credentials keeps folks from running too fast; curiosity usually wins out and they want to find out more.

A lil bit o’ background
An award winning author, she has appeared internationally, been featured in magazines, radio, television & videos and shared the stage with astronauts, Pulitzer Prize winners and other notables. Schafer is founder and principle of Beyond Zebra®, a consulting firm for visionaries who dip their toes in the mystic waters.

Customers get the best of both worlds as Marcia combines a yin and yang of hard hitting business skills with unparalleled insight coming from experiences that have taken her across the great reality divide.

A renowned intuitive, Schafer blends in this talent as she guides clients towards the rising opportunities of the 21st century. She refocuses them to see how our fast changing lives are radically reshaping needs, while prepping them about the implications behind extraterrestrial life and the unseen worlds that hover behind everyday life.

A storehouse of knowledge, folks from over forty-five countries have come to work with her in a new paradigm as they develop intuitive skills alongside professional acumen.

Want to meet Marcia

You’ll find out all about her at beyondzebra.com, her website for professional and personal consulting. Just click through cyberspace to see what she does, read about her background and even book a personalized session.