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A philosophy for the newly emerging world

who it’s for

The simple fact is that the trio of economics, business and finance rule our planet. To build a better future these systems and the people who drive them have to change.

To make that happen, Spirconomics prods a special group to better understand who they are and what they can accomplish, because the secret behind a better tomorrow lies with this distinctive faction making connections with each other and working collectively in new ways.

These people can influence the future like no other, and if you are even reading this website odds are you are one of them. So, if the desire for change is burning a hole in your pocket, this is for you.

What it is

Spirconomics is a unifying philosophy for those immersed in the concept that the world needs to change now.  But, unlike other philosophies it comes with a strategy to make that happen.

Many with this outlook of wanting to build a better world have an affinity for explorations in higher consciousness. They value age-old mystical knowledge and understand that today’s science and technology can bring it into a better focus for our times. They use their insights to experience a greater ease in living.

Spirconomics is built on this as a cornerstone. Ancient spiritual knowledge is brought into contemporary situations by looking at what it can offer under a 21st century microscope. Then, it blends past and present resources together to create positive outcomes.

Spirconomics also looks at how social trends, media reporting, political governance and even some scientific advances can be used to surreptitiously manipulate and compel us to act in certain ways.

If we can avoid these subtle controls that try to influence our actions, we can make better choices that ward off being fraudulently guided down a certain road. Thus, this philosophical outlook champions emancipated thinking to bring us to a state of heightened self-understanding, which in turn increases our ability to shape the future for the better.

To do this means planting intentional actions into societies that drive changes today, as well as have a bearing on later generations. How you choose to live your life becomes an artful strategy towards aiding mankind’s evolution. 

Spirconomics online

This Spirconomic teaching forum is a community that is described in Part Two of the book; it’s called an Ecomunity. It brings together members who share a vision to craft a better world. It helps them loosely join forces as we all do our part to strategically build a safe and peaceful tomorrow.

Here, we are doing it within an online Ecomunity anchored in cyberspace. 

When you join you will have access to like-minded people working hard to build a better life for all of us. They share many of your perspectives and vision.

 So while you learn more about how the Spirconomics’ viewpoint expressed in the book can bring you tools for positive living, you can also make connections that bring moral support and opportunities to advance new ways of collaborative and peaceful living. 

Spirconomics online is where you’ll get exclusive teaching aiding those willing to make changes to redirect humanity towards a positive evolutionary trajectory. If you like, you can augment this with private consultations on the Beyond Zebra® platform. 

How does this sound?
  • A chance to build lifestyle townships that cater to the needs of those who demand to live in peace and have opportunities for self-development, while also responsibly taking care of the planet.

  • Becoming wiser by unmasking influences that goad us to respond in directed ways, so we can disengage from manipulations and make decisions that make sense for the type of world we need to build.

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded seekers who use a tight offensive of consumer clout to achieve humanitarian goals and enact a shift in global influence.

  • Joining a community comfortable tapping into the power of personal and universal energy, to make selfless acts happen effortlessly by combining efforts for a different type of “energy management.”

Why now
"Blow harder, they gotta hear this."

“Blow harder Alfonse, they gotta hear this.”

This is a very unusual window in history due to four controversial influences all crashing into each other at once. But, this also presents us with a rare opportunity. (Yes, yes, this is all in the Spirconomics handbook.)   If you look at the relationship between this special series of events, suddenly your perception of what is possible changes. And, as a result, you can make new decisions and act to direct the course of the coming days, leading to a better future. 

I launched Spirconomics to show you just what is going on, and to help you to alter the course of history. That’s a bold statement, but you’ll learn more about this and understand my temerity once you read the book and join me inside. 

You need the handbook because it’s the springboard from which to get started. By reading it you get the entire foundation behind Spirconomics and can move straight into life-altering strategies. While it’s jam packed with information, I didn’t put everything in those pages.

As we go forward I’ll tie those missing elements together more fully and make it all even more powerful. And, yes, I will share with you more of the insights I have gleaned through my unique education. If you haven’t met me yet you can see more about me at beyondzebra.com.

The advantage of joining

Once you enroll, we’ll explore essential issues about starting micro-societies that champion responsible citizenry, where similarly-minded people form connections, tackle vital everyday issues and even build new neighborhoods that redefine community. You’ll also discover how to establish a dynamic demographic influence that can sway the path of tomorrow.

Together, we’ll tackle strategic ways to move forward, especially when it comes to the seven pillars of reform that can catalyze social change. And, we’ll work with the ultimate mystic’s scepter, something described in Part Two of the book that tackles human parallel processing.

In addition to the new information, you’ll have access to an exclusive, private directory of like-minded people who agree to connect with each other in the pursuit of common goals. But, for reasons you’ll understand when you read Spirconomics, time is of the utmost essence.

Right now there is a once-in-a-cosmos window of opportunity presenting itself. If we don’t dive through, we’ll miss it and man will continue to struggle on in a never-ending push-me pull-you cacophony of confusion leading to shortsighted lifestyle moves. I just want you to think about the course of the world, the potential for mankind and to decide how you want to get involved. 

Remember the back cover of the book? When you subscribe, here’s a  peek at how you’ll go beyond those ideas

Here is a sample:

  • Book: How evolution is impacted by three layers of incarnating soul groups

Beyond the book: You’ll hear more about these groups, but most of all, you’ll discover that it’s all about learning how to use this new knowledge to be more effective. I’ll cover ways to spark others to be open to new ideas.

  • Book: The four powerful agendas that are quietly pushing us toward a certain future

Beyond the book: And one more, not included in the text. It has been wreaking havoc on societies worldwide, right under your nose.

  • Book: Why tackling seven specific areas will accelerate a much needed social turnaround

Beyond the book: A worldwide switch-up is already taking place – and it has great implications for the next decade. Once you see this it will help you move faster to make a difference in the rapidly forming world of tomorrow.

  • Book: What to expect for major changes to the way man lives in communities to save us from an increasingly worrisome fate.

Beyond the book: This is at the heart of our future. I’ll focus on how to create these vital satellites, all over the globe.

  • Book: How the world is unknowingly swayed by a new hidden force coming from deep space, and what it means to our future.

Beyond the book: You’ll be able to better detect other major evolutionary thrusts, beyond this one –and how to evaluate their potential. It’s all about thinking differently. 



As potent as the book is, imagine going even deeper. You’ll get more insights, strategies and supportive guidance for your endeavors. And, becoming a subscriber brings you access to the one-of-a kind Spirconomic roster, an exclusive directory of like-minded peers. It’s designed to bring together colleagues from around the world who share your goals and vision to spur you on your way.

When you subscribe you’ll gain entry to a cyber community, a forum that follows Spirconomic principles. Knowledge that bridges science and ancient spiritual mysticism is the new legal tender– and traded willingly to pursue common goals. Ready to join us? There is a subscription fee to participate, go here to begin your annual paid membership.