Spirconomics brings you the spirit of the School of Athens, but retooled for the 21st century.

An idea hijacked from prior centuries and retrofitted for today

Merging the ancient and the new

In ages past, parlor salons were intimate gatherings of bright minds tossing about innovative ideas, populated by people who looked ahead but often found themselves stymied by opponents fighting social change and clinging to the status quo. 

Cultural advances and progressive social moves were hatched in these special invitation gatherings that brought together the leaders of their time.

In these contemporary monthly dialogues we cover a wide array of topics. Sparks fly, poising you to be a social change pioneer who can cross the mystic boundaries to expand your knowledge and reframe our future pathway.


What we cover

This online corner where is where I take you deeper into the unique perspectives I hold; it has hints of Plato’s Academy, Aristotle’s Lyceum and Gertrude Stein’s parlor salons, all tossed together with contemporary tools.

You’ll balance self-exploration that delves into ancient mysticism, while focusing on responsible 21st century citizenry.  Worldwide social issues, the impact of advancing technologies and even the concerns tied to impending extraterrestrial integration all come together in the Spirconomics dialogues. You’ll hear about these topics and all the other priorities currently pinching your backside as worlds and times collide. 

You get to jog down the mystic pathway in one cyber hallway, then veer off into another to focus on how to redesign societies to evolve towards peace.

Best of all, our conversation continues after the meeting.  Online posts take the topic implications even deeper–and keep the momentum going.

All you need to participate after registering is online access with a device that has a camera and microphone. In other words, any contemporary computer, smartphone or smartpad.

You’ll find:
  • How to free yourself from the tentacles of social restrictions as worlds clash and the emerging human with all new needs arises.


  • Ways to open new doors of understanding using the secrets behind Spiritual Demographics.


  • How to build a new economy with products, services, even social movements better suited to the needs of a contemporary civilization advancing towards peace.
  • Deeper exposure to the mystical side as I share what I have learned from my journeys with intelligences that exist beyond the facade of everyday life.

  • A networking resource to find people, connections and information that aligns with your outlook. People say they feel isolated and want to find more friends who understand their perspectives about living in a better world. Get to know and help each other through our online community that becomes available when you subscribe.

We’re prodding evolution
"An Egyptian, an Akkadian  and a Hittite walk into a bar. . . !"

“An Egyptian, an Akkadian
and a Hittite walk into a bar. . . .”











Come on, grab something to drink and pull up a chair. We’re off on a mission here as we plant the seeds for future generations. You bring the popcorn, I’ll bring the movie.