Could This Be You?


I’m so lonely Edith. Where others with similar vision?



Can you bring people together from all over the world to collaborate and build a better future?

The newly emerging human symphony

For years clients kept saying they wanted to meet other Beyond Zebra® clients, knowing that those who walked through those cyber halls had similar interests and viewpoints. For most, this connection with other like-minded souls was lacking in their life; they felt like soloists when they really wanted to be part of an orchestra, or in this case a community of similarly inquiring spiritualists. But how could they be brought together?

The conundrum

The conundrum was space. Not outer space, but earth space. Everyone lived across continents, from the USA and the rest of North America, all the way to Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, South America, ultimately spanning over forty-five countries.

Then it came to me. Move. To cyberspace. And, bring everyone with me.  So here we are in an online forum that unites us all over the world. Ah, technology. Gotta love it.


“By day I’m a VP of sales at a tech firm, but I’m really an old school spiritualist, tired of faking my way through life. And you?”

It’s often the educated professional on a spiritual path that gravitates to the particular slant I offer, and you’ll find a lot of them here. Alongside them is most every type of inquiring soul you can imagine, from the young to the old. They cross all professions, ages and demographics.

Most have undergone an internal awakening that impacts how they want to live. They don’t like the state of the world, want to act now to make a difference and are hungry to find others who share their values, priorities and vision.

Most of all, they seek community within their own ranks. This group has different insight from the general population and doesn’t hesitate to make use of knowledge from a greater reality, one that lies behind an unseen hidden veil that separates us from existences stretching far beyond what our five senses tell us is there. (When you finish reading Part One of Spirconomics, you’ll have a richer understanding of who you are.)

Feeling disenfranchised

But, this sets you apart from those who can’t relate to your thought processes and beliefs. So, while you have valuable knowledge, you often feel rejected and alone.

This has resulted in an outcast mentality for many who no longer fit into the scheme of scripted life, putting you at odds with the larger population not experiencing this same evolutionary jolt. Bringing you together here is like, well, day camp for driven adults who also understand mystic realities.


While there is a wide diversity of beliefs among people, you’ll generally find these core issues at the heart of those here:

  • It’s about time man evolved into a kind and peaceful civilization
  • Nature and the animal kingdom are valued allies in the life experience
  • Extraterrestrial reality is a given
  • Humanitarian, ethical business practices must replace the greed driven models that drive global commerce
  • Healthy living is a universal right
  • There’s an inner intelligence in man, often called the soul, that transcends biological life
  • People need to become responsible citizens, accountable for their decisions and actions

This target group, the educated professional who is also a spiritual aspirant, is in a unique position today. Armed with the expertise to launch, strategize, implement and manage a vision, they can adapt their training and abilities to birth new ways of doing things that better serve humanity.

These intellectually oriented spiritualists are powerful harbingers of change in the 21st century.


During prior years I watched people worldwide find the courage to do old things in new ways, and observed as they pulled back the reality curtain to see what’s really in front of us. They began a metamorphic journey to redefine themselves.

This first phase of personal development usually emphasizes enhanced understanding of the self in relationship to others. Now phase two is here, which is developing ourselves through collaboration and learning how to birth advanced collectives.

This is where you find each other to accelerate your progress and create community in new ways. It’s time to get positioned and ready to go forth into societies armed with new products, services and ways of thinking to lead us to a future marked by a more advanced human civilization.

So, emerge from your individual cocoon and see what happens when you connect with others and begin collective evolution. We are building an online cooperative to combine our energies. I’m ready, are you?