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Message from Marcia


Clarity About member expectations

It’s important that you understand this project so there are no muddled expectations about your membership and the subscriber fee.

This is a social experiment.

Because of this, there are no assurances about how it will turn out. It’s not my style to make grandiose promises, nor do I over embellish; however, I believe it will be successful, particularly as time progresses.

If you share the philosophical viewpoints as expressed in Spirconomics, are intrigued and want to become part of this endeavor, then you need to purchase a subscription to get in. This grants you access to our community, where you can create a profile and connect with others who also join.

When you purchase a subscription there is a risk that membership participation may be minimal.

Every venture, even Facebook and Twitter, has taken time to become established, and this is no different.

This may take a while to get off the ground, so there are no guarantees about how many people will be here at any given point in time. As more folks participate the membership roster will grow and you’ll have a larger group to interact with. But, there are no promises or guarantees about who will be here, how many people will join and how long this will take to become a substantial forum. You need to be an active, involved member to help make it work.  Spread the word to those you think are a good fit. When people excitedly share something, others become enthused too.

So, read the book. If you like the concept, purchase a subscription.  Then, invite others of like-mind to join.