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Introduction to Part One: WHY I’M A COWARDLY WARBLER 

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Winston Churchill


Some people are terrific singers; others can’t carry a tune. I happen to fall into the latter category. If on a rare occasion I warble in the shower I find my cats hiding under the bed with their paws over their ears. Can’t say I blame them.

Because of this, if I were ever asked to do so, I would refuse to sing in public. I know my limitations. Lip-synch, maybe. Sing? Never.

So, if I was billed as a star warbler and you were looking to spend a night listening to a delightful chanteuse, you’d hastily walk out before I got too far into my first tune. But, if you knew in advance that I was a terrible singer you might show pity, perhaps even kindness, between stigmatizing jokes about my obvious lack of talent. You would know my limitations and manage your expectations accordingly. You might just even stay for my entire performance.

What does this have to do with Spirconomics? It’s an analogy for how I’ve chosen to handle the contents in this book. If you know what to expect, you are more likely to make it to the finish line instead of walking out early—and this journey has a lot of secrets woven along the way, right up to the final words that cap it all off.

The pages here set the stage to gently introduce a philosophy that encourages people to withdraw from influences that subtly direct our behaviors, to assert their independent thinking and to organize into a demographic that represents their specific beliefs. When I say beliefs, I’m talking about views comprised of humanitarian values. But Spirconomists are different from general humanists in that they are drawn to mysticism and take their cues from that direction.

The contents here are not for everyone. In fact, like the cowardly warbler who doesn’t want people to hear her sing, I don’t want most folks to read what is in these pages. While some will understand the hidden power of my message, others may find my words to be simple tripe and in some cases, a few could even take offense. Especially when it comes to the part where I separate mankind into different groups based on their understanding of the world they live in—not everyone will like that. What may seem like benign, innocuous material can be inflammatory to those with different viewpoints.

For some, beliefs that don’t mesh with theirs can be a deadly sin; we’ve seen orthodox militants with this perspective building up strongholds all around the globe, intent on defiling anyone with a different perspective from what they tout as acceptable. I am mindful of this intolerance. There were times when I just wanted to come out and plainly say something, but then stopped to think, “Uh oh, that could really tick off someone.” I just had to trust it would all work out in the end. I know that this philosophy will find its own way to those who want to hear it, despite any hesitation on my part to be its messenger.

Overcoming my skepticism

I initially turned my back on all this. It took me a while to get used to the idea that despite the onerous condition of a world that never seems to change, we really do have the capacity to make a difference. I thought it was too preposterous to believe we can turn the corner on human behavior and build a better future for all of us. But, once I viewed the situation through the filter of the premises delivered under the hood of Spirconomics, it illuminated how change can happen if today’s population makes the right moves, and smartly seeds tomorrow with actions now; each and every one of us can make an impact.

So, that is the purpose of this book, to stimulate certain people to take actions that will have a bearing on our future and to offer a roadmap to get started. Because the secret behind a better tomorrow lies with a distinctive group of people making special connections with each other and working collectively in new ways.

Preview of coming attractions

As I pointed out, I’m concerned that, just like the unsympathetic music lover, you might leave early unless, of course, you were prepared and knew what to expect. Which in this case isn’t a lousy vocalist, but rather a measured process leading up to a powerful philosophy and the strategy of how to embed it in the world. If you hang on, you’ll find out about:

  • The way people incarnate on earth within three groups layered according to our soul characteristics.
  • Four major trending forces quietly and surreptitiously shaping our future.
  • Seven strategic areas, which if you target them, will accelerate much needed social changes.
  • How the world is unknowingly impacted by a new hidden force coming from deep space, and what it means to your future.
Plus a whole lot more that will give you a leg up on everyone else as a new way of life rapidly descends upon us in the coming days. All this is tied to the Spirconomic philosophy and how the world can change for the better—but only with your help.

So, where did this information come from?

The source for all this comes from an interesting place. Since my youth I’ve had communication with intelligences that lie beyond the gate of ordinary reality. There seems to be a hierarchy of wise beings on a different frequency who, at times, reach out to communicate to those who will listen. And, as many of you know, I’ve had a lifetime filled with extraterrestrial visitations that supplemented my psychic experiences. They educated me along a particular pathway, only I didn’t catch on till late in life that these incidents were purposeful, connected, and tied to a bigger design. They were prepping me to understand what is needed to establish a highly developed, peaceful civilization. (You can read about these contact experiences in Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist.)

Add to this mix a string of memories from long-ago incarnations when I trained in ancient schools to learn about the hidden teachings of the universe and the true nature of reality and you have my nontraditional sources.

It’s of interest to note that what came to comprise Spirconomics was given to me over a period of years. Where once I saw it all just as interesting tidbits, perhaps even a tad confusing in places, it now threads together into a quilt of knowledge that makes sense. Years had to pass, incidents had to unfold, I had to mature and mankind had to advance before I could see the relevance of what I was given.

But, I am not alone, and there are many others out there just like me, with knowledge and abilities that can contribute to a better world. It’s time we find each other and connect on a grand scale to do what we came here to do. Spirconomics is my call to all of you. As the ancients once admonished, “Those who have ears will hear.” Not only will this find its way to those for whom it is intended, these people will quickly get what it’s all about. The rest of the populace, well, they will think I’m just plain nutters.

Sifting for evolutionary directors 

So, as you read this, remember, I’m broadcasting on a special station for a special audience. I’m a muse aiming for specific listeners, and I transmit, or warble, on a somewhat reclusive bandwidth. My information isn’t for the general public; they won’t understand much of it. Instead this call is to a very distinctive audience as I ask them to join me in an era of reformation, to come together in innovative ways and embolden our power as a collective.

The more we appreciate and remember what we are supposed to do and fulfill our destiny, the quicker events will turn over. We are on a course that began long ago to aid and abet the human race, and our quest continues to this day.

Spirconomics reminds us of this and offers up details to hasten our progress.

So, I’ve finally gained the courage to stand up and warble, to openly share my secrets with the hope that some of you will sit down and listen as I offer this special perspective about what it means to be alive and aware at this time in history, because we are facing a once-in-a-cosmos chance to make a difference. At the close of this book you’ll find an invitation to go beyond this initial doctrine and join me in the next stage. Meanwhile, live empowered, and get ready for what is fast heading our way.